This website features the work of artist, Cathrine A. Solomon. Cathrine has  worked in the beauty industry for 8+ years now and alongside her sister, EmyLou, co-founded Luxe Looks; an on-location beauty service available to any woman or man in the tri-state area .  

Throughout childhood Cathrine was always conscious about her skin because she grew up with acne and a skin disease called eczema.  She was afraid to use any type of facial products because it would either sting her face or give her hives.  As she grew older, she finally found a skincare line that worked for her.  That is when she started venturing into makeup.  At this time, Cathrine was going to college for nursing and everyone was surprised because she never wore makeup because of her sensitive skin.  Her story is not the typical story where you hear her talking about practicing on her friends.  It was actually the opposite! She actually started her professional career by immersing herself in photo-shoots and testing with many photographers to get as much experience as she could.  Eventually she networked and apprenticed with accomplished artists, and by assisting, she started to learn how to style hair.  Now, Cathrine is an experienced make-up artist in fashion and bridal, who has a background in nursing, which helps because she can empathize with her clients when they have skin issues or are concerned about whatever imperfections they may have.  She is always looking to help others and is known for her bubbly attitude and 'infectious smile', as said by her fellow peers and clients.

She has her own business in health and beauty and loves to make women feel beautiful on the inside and out.  Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions!!

Cathrine and her sister, EmyLou Rodriguez, with Michael Duenas
Cathrine with one of her brides, Ashley
Cathrine and Michael Devellis

Cathrine with Joanne McDonough
Cathrine with Erica Carr
Cathrine A. Solomon
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